Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Mid Gee Squadrons

I have discovered yet another invasion force attempting to conquer our world…

They seem to gather by small streams and under trees, amassing their forces, waiting for their opportunity to strike against the many inhabitants of our planet. The Giants I have heard discussing them have called them 'mid gees'.

I have seen vast squadrons of these mid gees grow larger every day, they're breeding like flies! Although the Giants are massive by comparison, I have seen the damage one tiny mid gee can inflict. From the initial bombardment and attack flight, to the tiny-tickle manoeuvre of sneaking under a tight clothing garment, or crawling across a face, neck or even in the hair. Then the payload is dispatched, a bomb placed under the skin, most cunning, effective and dastardly tactics, the fall-out area can be up to the size of a tennis-ball (whatever tennis is? Future investigation required).

I too am bothered by these swarms, they constantly attempt to penetrate my outer-ear defenses, yes, my lugflaps! My errant shaking and running away from them extremely quickly seems to thwart their efforts, but I fear they are getting stronger!

I have noticed that on colder days, there seems to be less of them out to fight, perhaps some experimentation and invention is required… I wonder if a 'frozen garden peas overcoat' would be effective?

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