Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Peace Man!!

After all the stress of yesterday's fight, the Giants are now trying to poison me!?

Following my nice morning walk as usual, I sat and waited at the door of the room the food is prepared in, but after 'get it then', I was disgusted to find foreign substances in my usual food? Not only were there 'pink croutons' hidden in it, but there was a slug-like trail over some of the chunks. Furry-face mentioned something about 'healing additives', but it tasted horrible, worse than one of Furry's socks! I left it for them to eat.

Then I was pinned down again, all the while being told that I needed to get my 'Hippie Scrub"? I know I was attacked, but I'm all for peace, I don't need extra scrubbing to make me more peaceful! Maybe all these extra additives in my food are drugs and they're going to make me grow my hair long? I do find it odd though that there's no 'scrubbing' involved, just some kind of squirting device that makes my face sting. I don't like it. I knew Furry-face was injured, as Chewy was holding me down, I struggled and gave her a lot of nice red scratches in return for the Hippie treatment!

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