Saturday, 19 September 2009

chasing dogs…

This was our third visit to the same big pond, and I'm still not sure what they're calling it? It sounds like "Hah Haw Rest on Wall" but sometimes they call it "Hah Haw and Three Poor", but whatever it's called, it's a big puddle!

It normally takes a long time to walk around, but today was particularly slow. Furry-face was playing with some other Giants with strappy gadgets, stealing pictures or something? I went for a mini adventure with Chewy!

We had to wait for the others to catch up a lot, so I investigated everything from bushes, to walls and even things called mushrooms. These mushes that live in them must be tiny because their rooms aren't very big at all!? The best bit came when we got to the beach, I was told to sit, Chewy bent down… and unclipped my lead?! I just sat there. "Can I go?" The answer was "yes" apparently!

It was great fun, no string to trip over, no recoil action at the end of my safe-distance, and I could chase balls, Frizzy Bees, sand, my own tail… and other dogs!!!

All I could smell was this one other dog. I ran along the beach, through some trees and ran around her until she HAD to notice me. Her Giants weren't interested, but she'd seen me, so I followed, playing as we walked. We must've walked quite far, Chewy and Furry-face sounded very quiet, almost whispering my name. We kept walking.

Chewy was puffing when she eventually came to get me, then I got marched back to the beach by the collar. I never even got the girl's address!?

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