Sunday, 6 September 2009

Unpredictable Flying Objects

I figured my teeth maybe needed more excitement, so we went to a big park next, to play with an odd, orange flying disc called a "Frizzy Bee".

It's apparently especially made for dogs, so we can chew the rubber edge right off. It also whistles on us as it flies, probably to make us follow it to rescue it from crashing?! I chased it for ages, showing off my jumping abilities and letting my teeth bump into it every chance I could. Although that took a lot of practice, it was a little unpredictable in flight, especially if Chewy was throwing it!

After a few hours, my teeth felt a little happier, especially when I let them hang onto the Frizzy Bee without letting go, a great way to cheer up unhappy teeth. Furry-face wasn't too impressed though, it took him ages to get it from me, I think he just wanted to try catching it in his own teeth!

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