Friday, 2 October 2009

Tess on Telly

I was just settling down on for a snooze on Furry-face when something in the prison portal caught my eye - it was my mate Tess! I sat and watched as she was forced to do some kind of food promotion, and it's not even for a food she eats!? Certain ways she sat, it didn't really look like her? I barked at her a few times during her performance, but either she couldn't hear me or it was an impostor!? She had managed to catch one of those pesky cats in a cage behind her, impressive!

The Dog Can’t Read and the Cat Can’t Count

Chewy didn't know she was in there either, she was surprised and exclaimed "Tess is famous, she's on the telly!" Now that just reassures me that it's Furry-face that's capturing all these prisoners. I wish I knew where he kept the key though!

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