Wednesday, 23 September 2009

keep them doggies rollin'…

During a recent trip to see my pal Tess, she had these cool things lying around that I was allowed to play with. They're hard until you play with them for a while, then they become soft, soggy and really floppy. Then, if you leave them overnight, they go all hard again!? Some kind of metamorphosing chew toy! To top it all off, they're minty flavoured! (whatever mint is?)

Once again, these Giants have tapped into my subconscious and have made my wishes a reality, I have no doubt they used their clever teleportation-re-fluffer-device! I know it's not the same chew, because I tried to smuggle it out of Tess' house, but was caught!

It's really good for my itchy teeth, I think they're a little happier, maybe they'll stop deserting me now? But even better than that, if I leave it under where Chewy & Furry-face sit, they step on it as they go to stand up, or if that fails, leaving it next to the bed last thing at night, covers both midnight toilet trips for sogginess or a nice hard surprise for their soft feet in the morning.

For some reason, Furry-face keeps wandering around the HQ singing "Rollin' Rollin' Rollin', Keep them doggies rollin', Rawhide!!!!"?? Something about brothers that have painted themselves blue??

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