Sunday, 6 September 2009

my teeth are escaping…?

I was sitting in my crate in the back of the red tank, chewing my pink bone and my white cover, trying to satisfy a little gum itch. There was an odd feeling then a little crunching noise. Why were there red drops on the white cover?

As we arrived at our destination, Furry-face found the red drops and picked up a little white hard thing that had been sitting in the red bits. He said it was a baby tooth?! it was tiny, not sure how he spotted it. As I was the only one in the crate, there were definitely no babies around, so either the tooth has miraculously transported into my mouth from elsewhere… or my own teeth are trying to escape?! Now, I've had my teeth for quite a while, as is evident from my toy-testing experiments, so I'm a little confused. Why do they want to run out on me? Have I been working them too hard?

I need to keep a close watch on these teeth. They should be easy enough to spot if they try to escape, they seem to leave behind these bright red wet trails!!!

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