Sunday, 6 September 2009

Big Bang Theory

Busy day so far, and still not done yet…

I was taken to a dark little alley in town, I feared the worst, I was sure they were going to sell me on the black market! But it was just another opportunity for me to chew the dangly strappy thing once again.

Recently, I've been hearing odd noises in my sleep, coming from the portal cage in the corner, sometimes getting quite loud too. I thought I was dreaming, but they're still there, even when I wake up. They're so loud sometimes, even the wall starts complaining! It sounded like explosions and workmen, maybe the captors in the portal cage are having home improvements? But there were constant interruptions, like the doorbell ringing and no-one being there, Furry-face not even bothering to go to the door, he just sat there laughing, I bet it's another one of his pranks!

Back to the dark alley though… I was sure I could hear the sounds again, Furry-face must've left the portal cage turned on really loud, because this time I could hear the noises from all the way in town!

I decided to ignore them, instead, I watched some pretty lightning in the sky, it was happening over something called "Edhamburger Carsale". It looked like some kind of science experiment, probably the creation of a new world somewhere?

I got bored quickly, so I started chewing random sticks… and something I found that was really chewy, although I'm told it used to be called "Irn Bru", it seemed to be left to wander the streets as a vagrant.

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