Friday, 25 September 2009

three legged race?

So there I was, out for a walk, standing next to a large stick with cables on top, and my back leg just lifted in the air!? I wasn't aware I was entered into any 3-legged races? Or does the stick with wires have some kind of magnetic polarising force affecting one of my back legs?

Further around the same walk, I was standing over a large clump of grass when it did it again! Am I developing a nervous twitch? Only this time, I had the incredible urge to pee at the same time? Well, that's not how I normally do it, I'm supposed to squat. My body confused, unbalanced, I began to wobble away on three legs, peeing at the same time, my wayward leg returned to the ground, still peeing? I did the only thing I could think of… I ran away from it!

This is odd. I've seen other dogs standing on only 3 legs, I thought they were tired and just resting on lamposts and trees? Is the back half of my body attempting to fly? Could I be mastering beagle levitation?

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