Tuesday, 1 September 2009

no kiddies allowed…

As the rain stopped, I got taken out to play with my friend Tess.

There were lots of Giants there, all with chewy-straps on gadgets. Some kind of get-together where they all take each others' photo, or something? Tess wasn't interested, she wanted to see why there were people in the distance running after balls, she even managed to join in for a while. I couldn't escape to join her, but I tried.

After it got dark, the Giants took over an enclosed area with lots of monuments for children to play on. Things to climb on, run around, jump over and a few traps thrown in, Tess and I were both caught out by the slippery slope trap. It looked like a little ramp up to the monuments, but it had been greased or something, we tried it a few times, but kept sliding back to the start.

We ran around together for ages, no ropes getting in the way, but it was really dark, she has a lo of black hair, and I lost her. Turns out she was behind me!?

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