Saturday, 10 October 2009

Fair Game!

Another trip to the pet warehouse this afternoon, where I discovered the source of the realistic sounding imitation pheasants that Megan and Henry had let me play with. Well, I had to have one, so I helped myself from the shelf. It was a tough choice though, the ducks sounded very tempting too!

The pheasant seems to have as much trouble on the fake-wood floor as I do, it was losing control and skidding into things, but I can skid faster! It doesn't fly very well, it tumbles in the air and crashes into a heap on every flight. I suspect it's down to the incredibly small fake wings it has.

I have to admit though, I have a lot of respect for these fake pheasants, no matter how much I shake it, stomp on it, tug its head and feet or smack it off things really hard, it keeps making that realistic-sounding noise!

It has to lose some merit though, even with Furry-face and Chewy helping it, it still can't figure out flying - when will it just give up?
(maybe after I remove one of its legs??)


  1. What's up Breac! You've been away for a while, I wonder what you've been doing...oooxxx

  2. sorry Mrs Mouse, can I call you Annie? My personal assistant has been very busy, as I'm quite demanding and Furry-face has been looking for other ways to make sure I have enough food to keep my excessive energy levels high!

    I've been up to lots have many things to share, I promise I'll start updating my blog with tales VERY shortly!