Monday, 12 October 2009

the long wait was over - Chewy returns!

I paced the floor all afternoon, well, between snoozes, worrying about what had happened to Chewy. Furry-face had made a couple of phone calls that got him a little upset too, but we finally got back in the tank, returning to the large collection of Giant transporters where Furry-face had lost her. I sat and stared in the direction he went off, not blinking, not budging, until finally, he appeared… with Chewy beside him. Although, I was a little concerned, she looked weak, was hanging on to him to stay upright, it took them a very long time to get to where I was.

Chewy was carefully eased into her seat, I don't remember a journey that slow, ever. It was like Furry-face was avoiding every bump in the road. I was soon to discover why…

Furry pulled me aside to give me a stern giant-to-beagle talk, he explained that Chewy had needed a minor operation to remove some asbestos from her tummy, or was it an abscess, I forget? Anyway… I wasn't allowed to jump on her, as it might burst her stitches. Having had some myself, I can sympathise, so I celebrated her return by running and jumping onto the sofa beside her and giving her big licks. I then flew for a few seconds… with Furry's assistance… as I had forgotten our little chat. I'll be more careful, I promise!

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