Sunday, 11 October 2009

my cousin Chief…

We finally made it back to beagle racing today, it's been too long, hardly anyone recognised me, I've grown so much. Some people thought Furry-face and Chewy had traded me in for a different model?

As I'm getting a bit older now, I was allowed a really big run up the track today. I had the chance to try out some of the different running styles I've seen. I seem to favour the manic, three-legs-in-the-air-at-once style, although the laid back style of some gave me time to look at the spectators, I quickly remembered why I was there, that land-squid was getting away from me. I caught it as it ran past Furry-face, but because I wouldn't let go, I think I snapped Furry's finger again, whoops! Still, the spectators seemed impressed, a few of them said "he's going to be fast!" What do they mean "going to be"?

I met a cousin of mine there, Chief, he's very fast, even managed to beat my mate Murphy, but I think Murphy was just tired after his holidays, we'll see next time! Cheif's a good fighter, we wrestled for a while, he let me think I was winning for a while before he pinned me down and stomped all over me. He fights dirty though, he bit my ears, they should've called him Tyson!!! Anyway, Chief has a neat little party trick, he can do something called a 'handstand', now I'm not sure what 'hands' are, but he balances on his front paws whilst waving his back paws and tail in the air, it's very cool, but I can't think of anything it would be useful for? Perhaps it's the first part of a dance move or some kind of martial arts self defence technique? That could come in handy!!!!

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