Monday, 12 October 2009

Chewy's disappearance…

We had a trip to the toy warehouse again today, but before we went, I had been left in the red tank for ages, there were lots of other giant transporters around ours, and I watched lots of giants limping and hobbling, arms tied to their necks, many of them carrying small bundles of flowers for eating as snacks.

I concluded we were at the giant hospital as there were so many injured ones around. I was a little worried as Furry-face and Chewy left the tank together, but only Furry-face came back? what had he done with her? I worried, whined and cried all the way to the toy warehouse where I found a small animal show behind glass, it was great, there were different colours of little furballs chasing each other around, over obstacles and through tunnels, it was much more entertaining than watching injured giants. It took my mind off what Furry-face had done with Chewy!

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