Tuesday, 13 October 2009

belly flop?

I was sitting with Furry-face after our walk this morning, Chewy had gone to the indoor rain cubicle for a refresh… but we heard her calling… we both ran to her! Apparently, she'd felt dizzy and had to sit down. I wondered how she'd found room in there to run around the dizzy-stick, but Furry-face mentioned that it was a bit too hot. I was quite warm in there myself, I could barely see through the indoor rainclouds, it was like being in a tropical rain forest.

Furry tried fanning some cool air into the room, but it wasn't working so Chewy got up to come out for a cooler seat. As soon as she stood up, she seemed to be sucked towards the floor at a rapid speed, almost folding in two. Luckily, Furry-face had managed to get behind her and had caught her before she landed and hurt herself.

This Furry-faced giant is proving to be useful to have around lately! Apparently the cure for being dizzy and almost being swallowed-up by a floor-sucking monster is a cup of tea, a biscuit and some TLC.

I hope that stands for Tripe, Liver and Chicken!

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