Sunday, 4 October 2009

A big dog did it… and ran away!

I'm still a bit nervous when I meet bigger dogs than me, so Furry-face and Chewy have been forcing me to speak to any we pass. They've all been nice so far, but it still makes me shake, just in case.

I was taken to meet two 'Great Mounds' I think Furry-face called them? When we arrived, I was quite excited, I could see the two dogs in the distance, they looked quite calm and small, but the closer I got to them, the bigger they got, isn't it funny how that works?! As we approached, I realised how they got their names, they were really tall, powerful looking, but also very skinny. After five minutes of sitting, shaking and cowering in front of them, I found out they were called Henry and Megan, I realised they were actually quite friendly and had loads of cool toys!

They had a small vegetable garden up some steps at the back, now I'm still not good at stairs yet, so I fell up them and also down them a couple of times, but the veggie patch had carrots in it! Someone had buried them though, so I helped out a bit. I tried a few of the other things that had been buried too… and some that were just lying around. A note to fellow animals - plants called 'Nasty urshims' are well named, they do NOT taste nice, they burn your mouth and their seeds come out looking exactly the same as they went in!

I played with some toys to get rid of the nasty taste, being chased by both around a small stick growing in the middle of the green carpet, all whilst I was carrying a very impressive imitation pheasant that sounded quite realistic when squeezed. They had a large two-wheeled contraption in the corner, it tried to hide the pheasant a few times, but I managed to squeeze under it a few times, although it's defense mechanism left some black oily marks on me, as well as trying to chase after me as I sneaked past it.

We went for a walk in the country next, Henry was really fast, he beat to my Frizzy Bee every time, I got bored, so I jumped through a spiky, sharp fence and into a stream, the water seemed to make me faster, on the way back, I was able to keep up with Henry as we ran up the road!?

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