Wednesday, 7 October 2009

High Noon… well… quarter past three

After my successful message was sent, we saw a big dog heading our way, I ran away to give it as much room as the magic rope allowed, but Furry-face shouted something at it's Giants, and they started to come over. I sat down and tried to bury my head in the sand, but after a few minutes of sheer panic, the huge dog licked me and said he wanted to play.

On closer inspection, I noticed he had a scar down his back in the form of a ridge, maybe he'd been picked on by a bigger dog too and wanted to be friends? We played!

Some other dogs walked past, but neither of us liked the look of them, so my ridged-back friend went all Western on them and scared them away! It felt like that Clint Eastwoof movie "A Fistful of Dog treats"!? We played some more!

I kept him amused with my best impression of the Sphinx from Egypt, well, with all that sand around, bright sunshine and blue sky, the Bass Rock in the distance could easily be mistaken for a pyramid?!

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