Saturday, 17 October 2009

but how do I get it home?

Now that Chewy's up and about again (looks like the Tripe, Liver and Chicken really works), we were able to go for a little walk together. We had a very short trip to some kind of strange, topsy-turvy world where there was a tiny hill surrounded by some giant stones and huge metal birds flying overhead.

I investigated some of the holes in the ground, shoving my head down as far as it would fit and having a really good sniff. Rabbit with a hint of fox!

The hill was a bit pointless, looks like a city of moles, but Furry-face said it was a burial mound… that must be some size of bone!!!!

The giant stones were a challenge, They were far to big to get in my mouth, I couldn't even push them over, never mind explain why they were standing up in the first place? Maybe my standy-up toys had been speaking to them?!?

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