Friday, 23 October 2009

back to brown…

I've been enjoying the comforts of the outdoor green carpet, anything to get away from the nasty brown one indoors, but this morning I was shocked to discover that the outdoor carpet fitters had completely covered the green carpet with… another brown one?

Now, I don't like the wind much, it blows in my ears and eyes and puts me off when I'm trying to go pee, but today… it wanted to play!

I'd heard it howling all night, I think it was helping the trees to moult, because they look very naked now, you can see their sticks! The wind was cheekily floating brown leaves past me everywhere I went, so I had to chase them, no matter where I was - on the path, on the new brown carpet, on the road, Chewy wasn't happy about that one.

I tried getting under the brown carpet, but it was very flaky, it kept folding back in on itself as I ploughed through it? And it was dark under there too, I need to eat more carrots!

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