Friday, 9 October 2009

long walk around an ocean?

I'm sure Chewy & Furry-face are trying to make my legs shorter?! I'm just back from a seriously long walk around, what I think was the ocean? There was a huge palace and lots of swans and ducks and other mad squealing birds, I'm sure they called it Lynne-lifts-goats?

We met other dogs too, but there seems to be a lot of dog-cloning going on around there? I kept passing Jack Russells, every fifty yards, another one? It was a breath of fresh air to meet a black Scotty, even if he did shout a lot!

There was lots to sniff and chew on the way round the large ocean, but also lots of things to try out. As there were no children around, I was allowed to have a go on another slide. This one was a bit higher though, and didn't have any safety rails to hold on to, but it was nice and slippy, I skidded down it chasing a treat that was trying to escape me!

I also attempted to practice my tree-climbing ability, there was a training-tree that was the perfect height for little climbers like me. Chewy had to assist though, my squiggel-chasing might get better if I can master these trees! There were some tasty-looking things at the other side of the tree, I must investigate these more closely soon!

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