Wednesday, 7 October 2009

they're following me…

I recently realised that Chewy & Furry-face have been following me around outside, now I know they're normally attached to me by a chain, but worse than that, I'm sure they're trying to hide my identity.

Maybe it's because they abducted me from my mum, and they don't want anyone to find out who I am? I've heard that you can find out who your relatives are by taking bits of you and sending them to DAN or something?? I suspect that's why they're picking up my poo after I leave it around!

Today we went to the beach again, and whilst swimming in the salty water, I had an idea… whilst at full extension of the magic rope, and still partially in the water, I took my chance to send out my 'message in a bottle' as it were, to let someone be able to find me. They both realised quickly what I was up to, splashing towards me in a panic… too late! They managed to store some of it in a bag, but I stood nearby watching as they struggled to reach the bobbing sample of hope on it's way to DAN for testing!

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