Thursday, 8 October 2009

Odd pets?

Furry-face and Chewy took me for a run around the park this morning, my ball-retreival skills are coming along well.

We met quite a few other dogs out walking, a variety of size, colours and makes of dog, but as we stopped for a rest from stick carrying and ball chasing, I couldn't believe my eyes?! There was a man taking his wheel for a walk!?

Now, it obviously wasn't very well trained, as he still had it on a very short lead and seemed to be walking it back and forth along the same line. It was a very impressive straight line though, even if he didn't give the wheel any rewards. No treats? Not even verbal praise when it did well?

It was very well behaved, but I suspect it was a young one, I'm sure it'll grow up to be a bicycle!

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