Wednesday, 17 June 2009

alright, road trip!

at last, it looks like mum paid the ransom! All my things are packed up into the red tank, I must be heading home. I've been put in this strange-smelling box, the same odd smell from the first day of captivity, still, I have work to do, returning the long chew dog to a preferred state, and howling a lot.

as I wake, I realise I'm not where I thought I was, there's an old, grey dog staring at me!? Not someone I recognise, but he seems like fun. WOW! Look, Sausages on a rope, I gotta get me some of these, and a grunting pig, this place is so cool! Let's play with the old man!

Hmm, it seems play biting his fur, feet and tail have no effect, chasing him is no use, he's slower than a tree! The giants seem to be calling him "Bar Knee", what an odd name for a dog!

The giant went off with his gadgety thing with the tasty strap for a few hours, but when he came back, we played for ages then went back to his HQ where the other one was waiting. I like her, she's good to bite! Anyway, to work on that smile removal!!

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