Saturday, 20 June 2009

Official Toy Tester (destroyer level)

hey, this teleporter re-fluffer thing is really cool!! I was only thinking about the grey dog's sausages, and they appeared, sure enough, yet again, totally immaculate?! It must be thought activated, will attempt other things later.

Meantime, I've decided to test out how beagle-proof these toys really are! Approaching this in the most scientific way possible, I shall study the objects and work out a plan of attack to have these things removed from a dog the fastest, thus resulting in a fail.

34 minutes exactly! Look for the weakest part of the object, by process of elimination, the noses were easily removed. The rope, however, has made me feel a little queesy, must be coated with anti-destruction fluid, will complain to the makers, can't subject my fellow pups to the same tummy problems I'm having, if you know what I mean?! Still, all part of the job, I'm proud!

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