Sunday, 14 June 2009

they're stealing me!!

Sunday morning, but I was awake, and ready for them!

This army of giants return in a large red war machine called 'car', they chat a lot to the tall lady that brings food-not-from-mum, I play with mum, but she keeps telling me things I need to remember. I mean, she must think I have a really bad memory or something? I continue to evade their advances, biting legs and other dogs, hey, no strappy thing today?

The giants grab me, mum runs away shouting "bye pup, take care."

They squeeze me and utter high pitched sounds, I have absolutely no idea what they mean! I'm bundled into this large red tank, with a soft, fluffy (yet surprisingly absorbent) mat. It must be some kind of torture device, as it tries to throw me from side to side, up and down, all whilst I still try to look cool. Not happy.

I have a terrible dream, I'm taken to a large warehouse with strange smells and noises, I see a large green giant with weapons. My neck, what re you doing? It hurts, but I feel sleepy still, returning to the blue leg in the red tank.

I arrive at the giant's headquarters, they seem to like torturing a variety of species, there's a funny smell, like outdoors, but not, and something I can't quite figure out, but interesting.

They try to restrain me using a large brown soft thing, 'bed' I believe they call it. I resist, but its powers of softness are too great. Zzzzzzzz

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